environmental stresses?

Imagine if you could go to work and play computer games, take a dip in the company swimming pool or perhaps phone the onsite masseur to help relieve your knotted shoulders. If you work for the internet search engine giant Google this could be a reality.

More and more companies around the world are taking employee wellbeing  seriously and recognising the benefit of happy staff through increased productivity and profit.  The founder of Technogym, Nerio Alessandri, had new offices built with employee wellness in mind. It’s about putting the focus on the employees,’ says Alessandri who promotes employee wellness as a way of life.

Alessandri’s 1000 employees are well looked after and he feels this investment is worth it for the success of his company, ‘Happy, healthy workers are proven to be more productive. We spend a significant part of our day at work. Not only does a more positive, creative and productive workforce mean less healthcare costs for the system but a healthy and efficient body goes hand in hand with creativity and intellect.’ During their two-hour lunch break employees can choose from a range of healthy lunches prepared with fresh, local ingredients and are encouraged to do some physical activity with access to a gym and basketball court.

The wellbeing services and facilities offered by Google and Technogym might not be realistic for your business but small shifts in culture can have a dramatic effect on employee wellbeing.

Simple steps to promote employee wellbeing could include:

  • Discouraging working through lunch or eating at desks.
  • Being flexible with breaks. Do you have a dedicated area for employees to relax on breaks?
  • Encourage physical activity. This could be cycle to work schemes, setting up a football league or discounted membership from the local gym
  • Encourage employee to use all of their holiday allowance. Employees come back relaxed and are more productive in the long run.
  • Open door policies. Are senior managers easily reached so employees can to discuss their concerns? Dealing with stresses quickly can stop situations spiralling.
  • Encouraging face-to-face communication. Emails are vital to modern business but not everything needs to be done via a computer. Human interaction can do wonders to improve mood and foster strong working relationships.
  • Getting some greenery such as a few plants and having access to plenty of fresh air. When the office is an inviting place to come to employees are more motivated and productive.

At resolve we would love to hear from you. Have you or your office implemented any changes that have improved employee wellbeing? Share it with other businesses and help to spread the message of employee wellbeing at the heart of successful business.

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